Breed Broadcast: French Bulldog


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The dog whose face looks like a fat bat! French bulldogs are small, chubby dogs with low energy and a minimal need for exercise. Although it varies from dog to dog, younger Frenchies tend to be more energetic and may need more of a workout than their older counterparts, just make sure to not overwork them.

Once you obtain your little buddy, you may realize that he or she has a flatter face than other dogs. This is because French bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed of dogs and therefore, have a harder time breathing and maintaining the right body temperature. It is important to keep this in mind when taking your friend out on a hot day because they are susceptible to overheating.

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Grooming is an easy task when it comes to French bulldogs. They have a very short coat and may not even have to see the groomer for a haircut! They shed minimally and will need to be brushed several times a week. Brushing your dog can decrease the amount of fur that he or she sheds. Although Frenchies do not require much time with their fur, they will require more time with hygiene. Their adorable wrinkles will need to be cleaned to avoid skin conditions from arising. Your Frenchie’s big ears are great for listening to your problems but they also attract a lot of dirt and bacteria. Washing your dog’s face and ears daily with water and gentle soap is recommended. Don’t forget to bathe them once every couple of weeks as well! Just be careful not to wash them too much because doing so can dry up their skin.

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French bulldogs are intelligent breeds but watch out because intelligence does not mean trainability. Although Frenchies are smart, they are independent thinkers and they can be a bit hard to train. However, do not give up and be patient. Your little chubby brat will eventually get it as long as you have their attention. Short training sessions may work best (15-20 minutes) for them.

Just remember that every dog is different and have individual personalities. These are just some general information and guidelines. Always try to adopt and if you really must buy a dog, do so from a reputable breeder.


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